Welkom op onze website.

We zingen concerten van liedjes voor senioren in hun woningen. Er zijn vele soorten liedjes, waaronder die van Schotland en Ierland. Op deze site kun je er enkele beluisteren.

Onze recente concerten omvatten die in Vulpia Vuerenved, Wezembeek - Oppem en Vulpia Clos Bizet, Anderlecht

We nemen onze eigen piano en speakers mee.

Schrijf ons om een concert te boeken keith.paton@skynet.be

Bienvenue sur notre site.

Nous donnons des concerts de chansons pour les personnes âgées dans leurs résidences. Les chansons sont de toutes sortes, y compris celles de l'Écosse et de l'Irlande. Vous pouvez en écouter quelques-unes sur ce site.

Parmi nos récents concerts, citons ceux de Vulpia Vuerenved, Wezembeek - Oppem, et Vulpia Clos Bizet, Anderlecht

Nous apportons notre propre piano et haut-parleurs.

Pour réserver un concert, écrivez-nous à keith.paton@skynet.be

Welcome to our website.

We sing concerts of songs for seniors in their residences. The songs are of many kinds including those of Scotland and Ireland. You can listen to some of these on this site.

Our recent concerts include those at Vulpia Vuerenved, Wezembeek - Oppem, and Vulpia Clos Bizet, Anderlecht

We bring our own piano and speakers.

To book a concert write to us      keith.paton@skynet.be
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Keith has spent many years singing both as chorister and as soloist. He sang the Major-General in Pirates of Penzance with Montreal Lakeshore Light Opera and Charlie in Brigadoon with Montreal Arcadians. He studied at McGill University and Mechelen Conservatory. In Canada he sang with the South Shore Choral Society. Now in Belgium he sings with Solidariteitskoor Boboto in Mechelen, Furacante in Tervuren, and Sing Gilbert & Sullivan in Brussels.  He also sings popular songs to seniors in their residences.
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Nik  has a passion for all kind of keyboards. An IT professional in the daytime, a musician in the evening, he plays with a variety of ensembles and in different genres. Nik is a classically trained piano player who sought additional jazz training. He writes his own compositions <https://soundcloud.com/nikcorthaut/sets> with roots in jazz, minimal classical music and ethnic influences.